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Have you always wanted to start a yoga practice?

When you see people practicing yoga, it can seem quite overwhelming. Perhaps you think, "I'm not flexible enough," or, "I don't have the motivation."

However, yoga is not about becoming a pretzel. Yoga is about creating a nourishing, joyful ritual to connect your mind and body, instead of getting caught in a maze of overwhelming thoughts. When practiced consistently, yoga can take you from:

  • Anxious to Calm

  • Stiff to Flexible

  • Weak to Strong

It's all about starting exactly where you are, and honoring the journey of tuning into your mind and your body. I'd love to be your guide!


I'm a yoga teacher that teaches online through my online studio, Homegrown Yoga, and offers in-person sessions in Auckland.

"The other night, I made it an absolute priority, I got the room ready with soft lighting and the heater on, made myself a herbal tea and I did one of your hour long classes and it was absolute bliss!

I felt amazing afterwards and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate being a part of Homegrown Yoga. I wish I could practice with you everyday because your classes are beautiful, inspiring and just so relevant! So thank you for what you do, truly grateful." 

- Homegrown Yoga Studio member, Elise D.

“Homegrown Yoga Online Studio literally changed my perspective on creating my own yoga journey.

I wasn’t expected to do retreat style yoga every single day.

I became aware of WHY yoga is good for me and figured out HOW to make it part of my day instead of trying to work my day around a practice.”

- Homegrown Yoga Studio member, Anna H.

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