Have you always wanted to start a yoga practice?

When you see people practicing yoga online, it can seem quite overwhelming - you can think, "I'm not flexible enough, I can't do that." 

However, yoga is not about becoming a pretzel - it's about creating a nourishing practice that takes you from:

  • Anxious to Confident

  • Stiff to Flexible

  • Weak to Strong

It's all about starting exactly where you are, and honoring the journey of tuning into your mind and your body.

I'd love to be your guide! I'm a yoga teacher that teaches online through my online studio, Homegrown Yoga, and offers in-person sessions in Auckland. Download my free e-book, below.

“Homegrown Yoga literally changed my perspective on creating my own yoga journey. I wasn’t expected to do retreat style yoga every single day. I became aware of WHY yoga is good for me and figured out HOW to make it part of my day instead of trying to work my day around a practice.”

- Homegrown Yoga student, Anna H.

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand. I teach in-person classes at Gribblehirst Community Hub in Sandringham and at Yoga Collective in Parnell. I am also available for 1:1 sessions to help you dive deep into your practice, and develop a personal design for your yoga journey.

Each month, I offer a 90 minute Mini Morning Retreat in Auckland that includes a healthy breakfast, which provides a full yoga experience - postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana). You'll leave feeling nourished, and rejuvenated.