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Monday 6 - 7 PM at Gribblehirst Community Hub:

These classes are by-donation (most contributions are around $10). The reason I do my classes this way is because I want to provide an affordable option for anyone to do yoga. So, please just pay what you can afford comfortably. 


These classes are also all included on Zoom for members of my online studio, and HD replays are provided.  Learn more about Homegrown Yoga Online Studio by clicking here.


You can book in for both Zoom and in-person options at my Meetup: 

You can pay cash on the day or to my bank account:

Kiwibank Account #:

Tuesday at The Loft Yoga Lounge 6 - 7 PM: I teach Intermediate Vinyasa Flow, an invigorating practice for your body and soul. Your $20 ticket includes a delicious vegetarian dinner, fostering community and new connections.

Saturday at Yoga Ground 5 - 6 PM: I teach Yin, longer holds to provide an opportunity to deeply rest and restore your body and mind. It's the perfect time to attend before an evening activity! I also jump in for any other classes as required. Book on their website or on ClassPass.

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