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Your Yoga Toolkit for Anxiety

A Free Online Immersion - March 23rd - 25th

Do you struggle with anxiety, and want to learn how to calm your own nervous system?


You want to feel calm, at peace, and able to enjoy the moment.
You constantly feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, and on-edge.
You wish you knew how to feel better, naturally.





A 3 day immersion for you to develop your own personal toolkit of techniques to calm anxiety through a consistent yoga practice.

March 23rd - 25th

What you can expect: 

- 3 days of workshops & worksheets about how to calm your anxiety by using yogic practices

- A newfound understanding of the inner well of calm that exists inside of you, that you can access by using the breath, movement, and mindful awareness

Daily Schedule:

Day 1 - Breath: Slow, deep breathing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps the body and mind relax and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Day 2 - Movement: Gentle movement in yoga can help release tension in the body, which is often held in areas where we store anxiety, and promote relaxation.

Day 3 - Meditation: Regular meditation practice can increase awareness of thoughts and emotions, and help us approach anxiety with more calmness and clarity.

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