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You have told yourself (for the last few years) that this is the year you will start a consistent home yoga practice

However, you find it difficult to get on the mat regularly, without guidance from a teacher.

Your kids, work, and other commitments always get in the way. You feel like all you do is give, and never prioritize yourself

You feel like you lack the well of energy that allows consistent yoga practitioners to get to their mat. 

You think, "Am I just lazy? Why can't I trust myself to follow through?"

When you do get onto the mat, only a few minutes in, you run into a "yoga writer's block," and have no idea what to do. It's frustrating, so sometimes, you go months without practicing


Sometimes, you practice along with a YouTube video, but it is hard to stay in the flow while watching someone else.

When following videos, you are often afraid you'll hurt yourself by doing the postures incorrectly.



  • What if I was able to create a consistent practice, and regularly feel benefits for both my mind and body?

  • What if I could weave my practice naturally into my busy routine, so it had it's own slot amongst the chaos?

  • What if I had a rich vocabulary of postures that I could flow through whenever I wanted (no teacher required)?

  • What if I fell in love with my practice, and returned to my mat again and again to due to joy instead of obligation?

  • What if I embraced self-care and could fill my own cup, and put myself first?

  • What if I felt flexible, strong, and at home in my body?

  • What if people in my life commented, "You've changed, you seem so much happier?"


Let me invite you to imagine your dream yoga practice.

Make your daydream as detailed as you can.

Where will you practice? What time of day? How will you feel?

Close your eyes, and feel yourself in that flow state.

Now, realise...

...this is absolutely possible for you.



an online yoga studio that will provide a step-by-step framework to go from anxious to confident, stiff to flexible, and weak to strong, by practicing yoga at home.


You will stay engaged through live classes (1 hour at 6 PM NZT on Mondays at 30 minutes at 7 AM NZT on Thursdays), and an on-demand class library (new classes added every week).

You will learn the rich language of yoga postures, so you can flow independently on the mat, no teacher or YouTube video required!

You'll harness the science of habits to integrate your practice into your day, in a way that works for your unique lifestyle.

 You'll dive deep into all 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, with a new theme each month - so you can take your practice beyond the mat, by integrating the philosophy into your life!

You will be supported by a community of like-minded fellow yogis, who will provide valuable accountability during your journey.


Hi! I'm Kimmy.


I created Homegrown Yoga because I've been in your shoes.

For the longest time, I thought I was simply a lazy person.

I hardly had any energy, and could never motivate myself to do anything.

When I found the joy of practicing yoga, and how much it supported my mental and physical health, I was only able to access the benefits with a teacher at a studio.


However, when I got on the mat at home, it just wasn't the same.

I spent just as much time beating myself up about my laziness as I did practicing.

When I went to my Yoga Teacher Training, I had grand plans to practice regularly upon my return. However, what ended up happening?

I still couldn't get myself on the mat.

I didn't practice yoga consistently on my own for almost a year after my training. 

Now, I have a regular practice. What changed?

I learned how PERFECTIONISM was holding me back. 

I learned that I wasn't LAZY I was actually just UNINSPIRED.

I learned that I actually had a WELL OF ENERGY to create my own practice and just hadn't learned how to harness it.


I discovered that I was trying to practice in ways I thought I needed to, instead of the ways that were in ALIGNMENT with my personal goals and desires.

I learned that beating myself up wasn't the secret. THE SECRET?

Harnessing the proven SCIENCE OF HABITS and PURE JOY instead of force.

“Homegrown Yoga literally changed my perspective on creating my own yoga journey. I wasn’t expected to do retreat style yoga every single day. I became aware of WHY yoga is good for me and figured out HOW to make it part of my day instead of trying to work my day around a practice.”

- Homegrown Yoga student, Anna H.

You can join me live, or use my class library to pick a session of the style and length that fits your schedule.

Or, you can use the modules inside the Homegrown Yoga course to learn how to practice completely independently and intuitively.

The classes inside the studio vary from 10 minutes to over 1 hour. Right here, you can try a free short class from my library!

Inside Homegrown Yoga, you get to choose how you want to practice.

What's Included:

- 8 modules, diving deep into all 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga: Go beyond just the physical, and learn about all that yoga has to offer. A new module is released each month to keep it digestible and engaging!


- Detailed instructional videos on the Ashtanga Primary Series Postures (Beginner Friendly): Don't wonder if you're performing a specific asana correctly, know you are! Each video includes step-by-step alignment cues and an integration flow to practice what you've learned. 

- On-Demand Class Library: New classes of various lengths and styles are added every single week (in HD) and you can request the classes you'd like to see.


- Live Class Timetable: Live yoga classes every week, and meditation club - join us for accountability and community (you can't pause it when you're live, so it is a great way to stay engaged). 

- Monthly themes, and workshops on specific topics: Dive deep on a specific topics in the world of habits, behavior change, yoga philosophy, yoga history, and more. 


Homegrown Yoga is perfect for you, if: 

- You've decided to commit to starting a dedicated personal yoga practice

- You are done with only investing your time, energy, and focus in others, and are ready to invest in your own well-being.

- You want to improve your posture, physical strength, and find more flexibility.

- You find it difficult to stay in the flow while practicing at home, due to not knowing enough poses.

- You find studio environments expensive and intimidating, and you want to create a yoga sanctuary in your own space (on your own schedule).

- Worldwide lockdowns have made you realize that you have mental blocks to practicing at home.

"The other night, I made it an absolute priority, I got the room ready with soft lighting and the heater on, made myself a herbal tea and I did one of your hour long classes and it was absolute bliss!

I felt amazing afterwards and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate being a part of Homegrown Yoga. I wish I could practice with you everyday because your classes are beautiful, inspiring and just so relevant! So thank you for what you do, truly grateful." 


- Homegrown Yoga Studio member, Elise D.

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